Question : Remote Desktop

i have my printers redirected so that i can print to them when im in a RDP session on win server 2003, but every time i connect the name of the printer changes because the session ID changes. is there a way to have the same name every time or the eliminate the session ID from being apart of the name.

Answer : Remote Desktop

Each user gets their own *individual* copy of the front end file on their local machine.
The FE will have "Links" to the BE DB.
Each user will have MS Access installed on their local machines as well.

The BE is on a shared folder on the server.
All users should have full rights to this folder.
The BE database should be in the lowest common format, in your case, Access 2000.

In this case each user can have a shot cut that opens "Their" front end file. (on their local machine)

There is a Database Splitting utility in access to help you do the splitting and automatically creates the links:
Tools-->Database Utilities-->Database Splitter

Does this help?

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