Question : How to manage permissions for my helpdesk team

Hello -

I have a three helpdesk IT specialist and I'd like to know what is the best way to delegate access permissions according to their tier level.

Tier I
Basic Networking, no access to servers. Hardware/software support.

Networking support, Advance hardware/software support

Advance Networking, full line of network troubleshooting

I want a way I can set access permissions to our servers and network equipment. Can someone provide an example of what they're using?



Answer : How to manage permissions for my helpdesk team

On the AD side of the house you can use delegation; you can also extend the delegation control wizard

Quest (active roles) and NetIQ (DRA) also make good third party tools to help with delegation and rights

In terms of Tier II and Tier III to have full reign to troubleshoot hardware and software means they will have to be able to install software and even shutdown boxes for hardware installs.   You an use restricted groups to define admins on various machines

I think the main difference is what I'd give tier II and Tier III access too (i.e. admin rights on critical servers).  Actually help desk usually only gets admin rights to workstations where I have worked....never to servers.


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