Question : Cannot start HID input service - Error 126: The system cannot find the module specified

I have a Windows XP Home computer. It has a wireless Microsoft Multimedia keyboard and mouse. When the receiver for the kb and mouse are plugged in, the computer will randomly reboot. The keyboard and mouse used to work fine, except for the rebooting of course. (it does not BSOD, I have that set to show the BSOD if it crashes, this just totally shuts the computer down and automatically reboots)  all throughout the day. Using a PS2 keyboard and mouse work fine with no issues.

There is also a Garmin GPS hooked up through usb too, but this works fine with no issues as long as the wireless kb and mouse are not in use.

Doing troubleshooting, somehow the wireless mouse and keyboard no longer are detected, and do not work anymore.

Reading all over the internet, there are possible solutions that of course do not work for me. I have installed the microsoft intellipoint software for the wireless kb and mouse, this did not help.

This website says to put the 3 files in the system32 directory, which in my case the files were already in the correct place, but I replaced them anyway, without sucess:

I have run Dial A Fix, which basically re-registers all DLL's and various other program associations and ran the "fix permissions" option in Dial a Fix too.

This website lists a registry edit to fix the problem, I have checked the registry and it is the correct way:

So I've done everything I can think of that I have came across on I have come here to the experts. Any sugesstions? I'd like to get this service running to verify if once I can get it running, if the computer will still reboot once the wireless keyboard and mouse are plugged in. If it still reboots, then I will replace the wireless kb and mouse.

Answer : Cannot start HID input service - Error 126: The system cannot find the module specified may also have relevant services, could pull from the ISP then your clients pull from spamcop, uses your choice of emial in the "From" header etc.
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