Question : AutoCAD question

Does any one knows if AutoCAD 2011 is backward compatible tot AutoCAD 2010, 2009 and 2007.  We are moving to the lastest version and I want to make sure if users will be able to open files from previous version and vice versa.


Answer : AutoCAD question

I was on project having 20 software engineers. Unit Testing was mandatory at the method and function level. It was mandatory that we use CPPUnit Test. The results in integration were excellent. Our version was a based on CPPUnit modified to be integrated in the Telelogic Rhapsody C++ UML IDE. It was also modified to have enhanced reporting capabilities and a nice summary.

Per my request, we further enhanced it to identify exactly which assertion was being exercised. That, combined with coverage profiling, ensured that every line of code was being exercised.
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