Question : Network Best Practices

They say there is strength in numbers.

That being said, I have a proposal to give in the morning.

The client is a family style steak house with one PC for use by the managers. It is an HP desktop. It is used for Word, email and internet access. All data is saved locally.

The 2nd one is an HP PC that is running a program called Maitre'D. 5 Terminals connect to it from the server's stations. It runs nothing else except anti virus and is connected to the network as is the other PC via a small hub. Both PCs are running Windows XP Pro.

Last week, the crew working out front widening the street must have cut the power for a time, because both PCs were powered off. The UPS was dead too.

When they were brought backup, Maitre'D would not load. One of application files must have become corrupt and the two automatically created by the application backups were both corrupt as well.

No external backup.

Luckily the their Tech support was able to connect remote in and rescue the application.

In comes me and I want to give them a proposal for a backup solution.

In comes you Experts! I know most of the best practices, but I want to cover all my bases and give him options. Besides the obvious, backing up every night, hopefully off-site is a given. I come to you for what is not so obvious, at least not to me at the moment. BTW it is over 100 degrees in my office. Time to hit the pool!

Thanks in advance to all responses.

Answer : Network Best Practices

Not sure about 2010 Outlook but you can do this easily with previous versions.

In Outlook 2003( I'm at work so don't have access to newer version of Outlook) you would click
Tools > Email Accounts

then choose to change existing email accounts then click new data file( see attached bmp) and select the same PST file for both.
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