Question : read pdf from blob column write to file

I have a table in oracle that has
REPORT                                             BLOB
The report column contains pdf report files.
I need to read one of these pdf files in the database
I am not a programmer.
Is there a simple way to read the data or write it out to a text file that I can then view?

Answer : read pdf from blob column write to file

Change the file name:
l_file := UTL_FILE.fopen('BLOBS','MyPDF.PDF','wb', 32767);

If you have the filename stored in the table you can just use it:
create or replace ...
  l_name varchar2(255)

SELECT report_name, REPORT
  INTO   l_name, l_blob
  FROM   myReportstable
  WHERE someIDcolumn = inKey;


l_file := UTL_FILE.fopen('BLOBS',l_name,'wb', 32767);
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