Question : Exchange server side outlook rule not deleting

I had a rule on exchange 2007 that I wanted to re-create.  I deleted it, created the new one (even started my outlook profile and admin's with /cleanrules).  When I push out the rule through CRM 4, it always puts the old one and never the new one to my pc.  I did tell crm email router program to remove the rule then went back and told it to push it out again.  I looked endlessly for the command to run on exchange shell to view what rules are on there (found it for '10 which doesn't work in '07) and can't find.  So the questions are, does anyone know if there even IS a command to run in shell to see what rules are out there.  Also, does anyone know why the rule would not be deleting?  Does a service need to be stopped/started?  At one point the rule was deleted and server rebooted, but still the problem persists.  Thank you.

Answer : Exchange server side outlook rule not deleting

please try to open outlook with the command outlook /cleanserverrules.

If that does not help then go for mfcmapi to find and delete that rule and then try creating a new rule and check.

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