Question : APC XS 900R WILL NOT TURN ON.

Hello et al,

We had a scare today when our server went down.  I came into the office to find the XS900 was beeping and the 'replace battery' and 'Overload' were on.  This unit and configuration has been running and unchanged for 2 years, so I am not very sure what the 'overload' is refering to.  

I disconnected and relocated the power plugs for the main server and associated perherials to 'wall outlet power' and got the server and system back on the air, but there is no UPS protecting them  :(

Now, I wanted to see the status of the UPS and brought it into my lab and plugged it into a wall outlet = when I plug the XS900 and press the power on button nothing happens.  I depressed the 'breaker' in the back and still nothing.  The XS 900 does not appear to be powering on.  I then plugged in a monitor to see if power sequence required a load = No change.

I need some help to isolate the problem with the XS900 and it looks like I will need to order a battery pack, so any best practices in that area would be nice as well.  I found replacment battery packs for half the cost of the APC units, but I have come to find out in life, you get what you pay for.


There are several batteries available for APC UPSs that are every bit as good as the APC replacements but are far cheaper. There are a couple which are very poor as well. I would recommend researching a bit on the brand(s) you are looking at prior to purchasing. I would tell you which ones are good but I can't recall off the top of my head and I will not be back in the office where I can find out for over a week so I am no good to you here.

It sounds as though you are having some internal problems with the unit which may or may not be related to the battery. Though, if there is indeed a short I'm sure the batteries are no longer good.

How savvy are you with hardware? These units are serviceable so you can unscrew and open it to give it an inspection. Look for anything burnt or melted. If all looks good then you will want to check the resistance levels between break points for consistency. If you are not familiar with doing this type of work then I strongly suggest NOT doing it. Chances are rather good there is someone in your area that services these units whom you could take it to.

These types of issues are the best examples for promoting the idea of owning a backup unit. The costs involved with purchasing another on to have handy are far less than other things that are possible. This being said, if you can, I would order a new one and start using it. Get yours repaired if needed and get new batteries. Keep it plugged in and have it waiting should something happen.

Even better to do if you have dual PSUs on your servers. Have both UPSs live and plug one PSU into one UPS and the other PSU into the other UPS.
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