Question : Unable to apply server email disclaimer.

Dear experts,

I am managing a Domino 8.0.2 on RHEL 5 environment.

I need to apply company-wide email disclaimer to outgoing emails. So far, emails sent by web access correctly reflects the disclaimer as it's set in a separate place. However, for emails sent by Lotus Notes client (disclaimer applied through mail policy), it just won't. When I enforce adminp to process, it gives me the following response:
completed refresh of mail policies for 0 databases, 0 databases reported errors.

Searching the web got me this:

That doesn't look good at all. The note says it applies to 8.5, but I am on 8.0.2. I had read another question reported in this site regarding 8.0.2 having similar problem. That question basically did not have a definite answer.

BTW I have another small site running 8.5 on SUSE Linux but no problem at all.

Thank you so much for your kind assistance.


Answer : Unable to apply server email disclaimer.

Organizational policy requires the exact name of the organization in the correct format.

review the admin help and test, since if this is your only Org Policy, you may not have named it correctly, so it is not applied.

I hope this helps !
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