Question : SSIS: parsing through recordsets in ForEach loop


does anyone have any links to sample code or tutorials on building the following scenario:

Having nested ForEachLoop containers where each nested section makes reference to RecordSets built in the parent container from Script and DataFlow tasks? (especially referencing global variables from with an ADO.NET source sql command (using @User::variable in the SELECT statement isn't working for me).

so for example:
Populate RecordSetA
  Loop for each
    Populate RecordSetB based on record in RecordSetA
      Loop for each
         Populate RecordSetC based on record in RecordSetB

Thanks for any input!

Answer : SSIS: parsing through recordsets in ForEach loop

Create a SSIS variable (type object) for each recordset
Create one data flow to populate each one, and use the ForEachLoop container to read each record in the recordset... for Enumerate ADO.
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