Question : publishing Terminal Server in ISA 2006

Hi Guys,

i have setup ISA Server 2006, OWA has been configured and is working, i am now trying to publish Terminal Services, however when i create the terminal services listener i am getting a message saying the OWA listener is already using the same port 443,

i have only been testing ISA 2006 for a just a week now so have very limited knowledge.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Answer : publishing Terminal Server in ISA 2006

yes, thats means that server does not allow ssh .

example :
when i will connect one linux server to another linux server i will type

ssh [email protected]

it will connect me to linux server 2
but in your case it does not.

Now you need to find out why

does this 2nd linux server staying behind any firewall ?? if Yes

then you need to open or forward port 22 to this 2nd server

(b) you need to check if iptables of the server allowing port22 .

type, iptables -L
see what its saying

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