Question : Generating  HEAP -Thread Dump & GC Snapshot


I am working with Oracle support on a memory leak(Out of Memory) issue.

Unfortunately our Admin Server itself crashed with the above error

Oracle Support is asking the following to attach to the SR.

For a particular weblogic instance (Admin or managed)

1) Heap Dump
2) Thread Dump
3) GC Snap shot

Pls help me on this on

1) How to generate the above (on demand)
2) What are the locations on the server whereI can found the heap/thread dump
3) What tools can be used to analyze the same.

Response ASAP is a great help for me.


Answer : Generating  HEAP -Thread Dump & GC Snapshot


i suppose you are usin sun's Hotspot JVM

GC :
Add the folowing properties to your weblogic JVM and restart it :
-verbosegc -XX:+PrintGCDetails

Heap Dump :
Add the folowing property to your weblogic JVM and restart it -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError

Thread Dump :
Using the weblogic server administration console, go to "Environment/Servers/your server/Monitoring/Threads" and click the "Dump Thread Stack" button

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