Question : Windows 7 Okidata cannot print multiple copies

I have several Okidata 320/321 microline printers.  My XP machines have no issues, but I have 2 Windows 7 Pro machines that can not print multiple copies of a document from our software (connecting via terminal emulator - it's called Megasys).  I can print 2 copies of a notepad file from the Win7 machines.  The printers are all configured as local TCP/IP ports on all workstations.  

I've been up and down the printer settings and tried every configuration possible.  I've also used multiple Okidata drivers, Generic drivers and Epson 9 pin drivers.  It only affects the Windows 7 machines.  Manually printing multiples is not an option.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Answer : Windows 7 Okidata cannot print multiple copies

With generic/text only as a printer, the job should have been sent the number of times you told it to print; much like an old teletype system.  The printer is assumed not to know about the number of copies to print.

Your one hope is that, in most of the network printer properties pages is a checkbox to "use the host system for print processing" (or rendering) which means it sends the job to the host computer's spooler and lets that handle the printing.  You might have to dig a little to find it; but, if it is there, uncheck it!

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