Question : PHP access shared drive


I recently installed PHP on SERVERX.  It, of the most part, is working fine.  I am having trouble allowing PHP to access a shared network resource on another server.  Here is the setup:

PHP is running on a Windows 2008 Server (64-bit) with IIS 7. (SERVERX)
The folder I want to write a file to is on another Windows 2008 Server. (SERVERY)

I have changed the account running the Application Pool which serves the website that is having this issue (on SERVERX) to a network account and then assigned that account full privileges to the folder on SERVERY.  It is getting a permissions denied error.  PHP is trying to reach the folder using the network share location:  \\SERVERY\webfiles\.

Where else can I change the PHP permissions?


Answer : PHP access shared drive

Bit tricky. Are the servers members of a domain?

I'm thinking that if you get php to run under a user account, you can add that user's perms to the network share permissions:-;en-us;Q124184
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