Question : Insert Line feed in access from php


Basically I am trying to inseret line break in access cell whilerunning an sql from php. I know that it has to be chr(10) or char(10) but I am creating a php variable using many, string concatination. what I have tried is somthing like

$comment .= 'comment1: '.$comments1. 'Chr(10)';
$comment .= 'comment2: '.$comments2. 'Chr(10)';

But chr(10) appear as it in access cell rather then the line feed (that wierd character :)).
Can any pleae tell me how to achieve it?


Answer : Insert Line feed in access from php

$comment .= 'comment1: '.$comments1. '\r\n'; //if this failes then try the second below option with double quotes

$comment .= 'comment1: '.$comments1. "\r\n";

Hope this helps
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