Question : SBS 2008 Group Policy WAN Issues

Hey Experts (Sorry for the long winded explanation - trying to pre-empt some of your questions)
Recently I have added a satellite office to our existing SBS 2008 network. The sites are connected together with 2 x AlliedTelesyn AR440S VPN Routers ie a Static IP Router to Router VPN. I have succesfully connected the clients with the http://Connect ( I did have to modify the routers to accept the oversize ping packets that the client negotiates with the server to detect the link speed). When group policy executes on the client mapped drives, proxy settings, IE customizations etc all process. However, the deploy printers policy doesn't process - is this normal for a WAN ?
I also noticed that when I run the Group Policy Results wizard from the SBS server against the satellite client I get an error "Failed to connect to Workstation... The remote procedure call failed and did not execute". ( I have installed Client Side Extensions to the Workstations)
I can run the GPRESULT on the client computer.
I can't browse to the remote machine from the SBS Machine, I can ping it however.
I have created on the SBS 2008 box a reverse lookup zone for the remote network that is being populated with PTR records
The client machines successfully get DHCP from the server via router BOOTP relay - all good.
I can't browse to the workstaion from the server via     \\workstaion either.
The worskstation successfully can browse the network and access resources.

The printer issue is biggie as there are about 20 printers per workstation to configure.

Thanks for your help in advance.....

Answer : SBS 2008 Group Policy WAN Issues

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