Question : Cisco VLAN

I've set up a vlan but is not working. I have a cisco asa that i have set up a dmz on. i have a server that is in the same subnet as the dmz interface. Between the two devices i have two cisco switches. One is a cisco slm2024 and the other is a cisco slm2048.

I've set up the dmz interface to be on vlan 8. From there it is connected to the 2048 on port 13. Port 46 on the 2048 is connected to port 6 on the 2024. Port 2 on the 2024 is connected to the server. I've switched all ports to vlan 8 and as of right now i've tried tagged and untagged but it does not work. I try to ping from asa to the server and it fails as pinging from the server to the asa does too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer : Cisco VLAN

No, just set the ports on each end of the switch to switch connection to tagged.  Leave the switch port connected to the ASA and the switch port connected to the server as untagged.
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