Question : WAN IP Address on AT&T Black List

Hello Experts,

My users cannot send email to recipients on AT&T (SBC) network. They can send email to other networks but seems that AT&T is the only one that is black listing me. We do not send spam and do not have any virus issues nor hijack issues.

I have a small network which consists of a Netopia DSL router, a fast ethernet switch (unmanaged), a Sonicwall TZ-180 firewall, a WinSBS 2003 Server and 8 computers.

The SBS 2003 server runs Exchange 2003 and is not configured to handle outside of network email. Our desktops Outlook configuration is set for Exchange as primary account and pop as our secondary.

We have recently changed ISP's from AT&T to Nuvox. We could send email to anybody when we were on AT&T's network but are now experiencing the black list issue.

The netopia router config is not set to allow Reverse DNS lookup so that is an issue. Nuvox is not handling our pop mail either. GoDaddy provides this service.

I spoke to a Nuvox tech and he stated that I reconfigure my desktops and server to solve the problem. I am weak on the Exchange portion of SBS2003 server.

Any guidence as to what I should do to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated and rewarded.

Thank you


Answer : WAN IP Address on AT&T Black List

You should ask your ISP to create a Reverse DNS record. This could prevent your server from being blacklisted in some cases.
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