Question : changing cell reference

I want to to create cell references to cells in Column A of worksheet 1, with the cell numbers to which the formula refers listed in a column in worksheet 2.    
- ie  in worksheet 2, I want a column with the formula =’data’!A146, where the first worksheet is called data, and the 146 is in a column (column B) in worksheet 2 .  This column B has a list of numbers  in no order, so I cannot just copy the formula down.  I have tried, using a combination of indirect and concatenation to get a cell that has the text of the formula I want, but am unable to convert this into a formula (putting an = in front does not work).  
Any suggestions, please?  (ideally, not using VBA!)

Answer : changing cell reference

If you use the same text values in both sheets, you can use a Match() to deliver the row number, just as I have demonstrated above. If you choose to use different text values in the two sheets, then you will have to manually enter the matching row numbers. How else is Excel supposed to find out which row number you want to use?

Index/Match is a working solution if the text values are the same in each sheet.

Indirect is a working solution if you manually enter the required row number.

There are two viable solutions here. I'm just not sure what your question is.

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