Question : RemoteApp and Email Settings not Saving

Hi All,

I setup a Server 2008 Standard R2 as a member server in my SBS 03 domain.  All I needed it for is more space and to run 1 Visual FoxPro app via RemoteApp so that it will be faster than over the network.  All clients where upgraded RDP client version 7 and clients are all XP pro with 1 Vista and the same problems happens on each one.  Also I just created an RDP file and placed it on everyones desktop so they can run this program - I did not create an installer.

When users are running the fox pro app and they need to email a document Outlook will open a new mail message with the document already attached.  The problem is the font.  It defaults to plain text (instead of HTML with everyone uses) and Consolas font.  So on every email my users have to change to HTML and change the font to the preferred Arial font.

I understand that this process will not use outlook on their local machine but will pull from the server with a new RemoteApp window for the process.  I have logged into the server locally and verifed that their Outlook profile is set to HTML for new messages and the users preferred font.  If I email a document when logged onto the server locally the new mail message is in HTML.  So it seems to be only an issue when doing this with the remote app program.  I also confirmed the same issue when I run the app from the RDWEB website.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening.  Thanks in advance for any help!


Answer : RemoteApp and Email Settings not Saving

Is this what you mean?

Or have you already been accepted, and are just trying to get ready to leave for college in the fall?
(like this maybe? )
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