Question : Lenovo monitor driver for Machine types 4420-HB2 issue

 I have install a monitor driver for the 24' monitor 4420-HB2 Lenovo thinkvision and it works fine until i find out that all user a having this message asking to put itn the CD installatio for the monitor. I use windows xp pro and the user have local admin on their machines.

do you know how can i stop those messages coming up. the driver is L2440pwc.

can you help to avoid those messages at the startup?



Answer : Lenovo monitor driver for Machine types 4420-HB2 issue

Are you able to access the screen when you are logged in as the actual Admin, or is the monitor not accessible to any user through any log-in/ environment? Have you attempted to access the monitor with the highest level of environmental variables (Full Access User)?

I am trying to isolate the problem, to do this we have to take out all the variables. This is one of the first steps to isolating the issue. Let me know, and I will pursue a resolution as soon as I hear back from you.
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