Question : Restoring a server, AD and Exchange

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I just rebuilt a server from the ground up because it crashed on me while I was working on it with HP on the phone.  I have the OS installed and patched.  I'm currently downloading the client's copy of Backup Exec 2010 which I'll install.  After that, I'm a bit lost.  I can restore files and folders, but I've never had to restore an entire server setup and I'm concerned about doing it correctly.  Can someone give me some direction as to how to go about restoring Active Directory and Exchange on a newly built SBS 2008 Standard?

Thanks in advance.


Answer : Restoring a server, AD and Exchange

If it is a SBS 2008, it means that you don't have more DCs and more exchange servers. So the restore process is in some way simple if you have the correct backup in place, you just need to make a complete recover of your server and it will be done

But the questions are... do you have a complete backup of your server and is it compatible with AD or/and Exchange? How old is the last available backup that you have? Were all the information and data in your hard drives totally lost?

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