Question : Deploying Access 2007 to Server 2003 Environment

I am an occasional access user.  I have a access 2007 db that I want to split into the db and ui parts.  I can do that.  This is a 5 user application.

My question is about what is the best way to move from my development environment to the production environment.  

In my development environment my backend db is located in a folder on my J drive.

In the production environment the backend is located in a different path/folder name.

I would like to avoid relinking manually the ui to the backend in the production environment as the "last" step in the development process.

Is there some type of command line tool, vba, or configuration option that would handle the linking in the production environment.



Answer : Deploying Access 2007 to Server 2003 Environment


Since the page directive is not included in the code you have posted i cant see whether you have tried this but there is a property called "MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback" that you can set to true in the page directive which will force the page to maitain the scroll position on postback.

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