Question : Implement cell forumula border feature

Excel has a feature in which when you dbl-clk on a cell with a formula, the cells referred to by that formula become correspondingly colored. E.g. if the cell formula is =B2+C3, when you dbl-clk the "B2" in the formula is blue and the border of B2 is blue and the "C3" in the formula is green and the border of C3 is green. Demonstrated here:

I need to implement this in Java with POI.

Is this already implemented?
If not, can you give an outline and code snippets of how this would be done?

Answer : Implement cell forumula border feature

No and theres probably not any app that can do it either as apple does not allow access to those API's. I believe the ipad can show slideshows when it's locked but thats the closet you're gonna get, at least for now.
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