Question : export data from outlook body to excel

i have an order form that get emailed to accounting every time a driver or distributor needs product. at the end of the day, we total by hand all the orders for the day for production.  i need to take the data off the body of the message and export it into excel without cut/paste every email. all i need from the body is the delivery date, the route number, the quantity totals, and the total cost of the order (bottom of form not on screen shot). is there a way to do this in vbs? i'm very limited in my knowledge of vbs, so some of my questions may seem simple. after it gets to excel i can figure out formulas to give us what we need. can this be done every time an email comes in, or can we select a group of emails and export all at the same time? here is a screen shot of an email we get...
screen shot 1
screen shot 1

Answer : export data from outlook body to excel

You'll want to review your site configuration.  If you are still using the Inter-site transport - "DEFAULTIPSITELINK", you are probably syncing about every 15 minutes, so unlocking an account will be propagated in about fifteen minutes.
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