Question : rpc server unavailable


I am running Windows XP home edition. My PC is hard wired to a broadband modem through a linksys router. I can not connect to the internet. When I run ipconfig /release or renew in command prompt, it tells me that the rpc server is unavailable. I also noticed that the IP address and subgateway mask are all zeros.

In internet explorer options under LAN settings, automatically obtain an IP address is checked.
I know the modem / router setup is good because I can obtain an internet connection when I attach any other PC to the system. It appears the problem is in this one machine. I also tried a system restore point back to a week ago when the system was working properly. That did not help.

Any ideas.


Answer : rpc server unavailable

Try creating another administrative account within Windows XP and login to said new account and try seeing if you get a valid IP address under that account as you may have a possible account lockout or permissions error in accessing the RPC service within Windows XP Home.
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