Question : overide and new keyword in c#


Can someone explain to me when we are overiding a method from a base class under what context we use the new keyword. Say, we are overiding a method which has already been implemented in the base class but you still wanted to change the behaiviour of that function in the derived class. On this scenario here, do we just use the overide or new keyword? and how this is differ from using shadow keyword in VB.Net?

I'm really confused with this concept?

Thanks in advance!

Answer : overide and new keyword in c#

Hmm, I figured it out, Problem is with getudn.txt, at the time of creation on this file, every time it added a extra line a the end, and when i used FileRead, i am having problem, now i changed to
$uDn = FileReadLine($sFile, 1)

It worked fine..

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