Question : Create 3D network diagrams

I have a weird question wich i hope someone can answer. I want to create high quality network diagrams with now a days icons and i have seen some diagrams wich are looking so great, i was wondering what kind of tool they are using.

For an example:

Does anyone have any clue how they made this or wich application they used?
Maybe you got other suggestions, but i don't want to use the old visio style.
Example image
Example image

Answer : Create 3D network diagrams

You can change the corners from square to different degrees of round, even on Chris' oblique lines. Just right click on the line, choose Format>Line... and select a corner rounding style.

You might also take a look at VSD Grafx shapes at Visio Cafe, especially the "Essentials" stencil. Their isometric lines are nicely curved and, therefore, more "cable like". Be sure to use the yellow and green adjustment handles to change the contour of the lines. They still aren't just like the cables in your diagram above but it's another free alternative.
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