Question : Domain users unable to access share

I am heping someone with a folder which contains SQL databases. He is able to access the databases from any client computer as a domain admin but when logged in as a domain user, he gets the error message SQL Server Connection Error.

The folder is shared with full control for the domain admins and Read/Change for the users. On the NTFS permissions, the domain admins have all permissions, the domain users have everything up to modify but not full control. I am not sure how the inheritable permissions are set.

One thing he is doing that I am not doing is to Map the network drives of this folder to each client and then connect to the databases from there. If you map a drive and then make a change on the server, it wouldn't necessarily affect the mapped drive until a client reboot, correct? Is it best practices to use mapped drives rather than just connect directly to the share over the network.

The SQL port is open on the server's firewall, which it would have to be anyway if the domain admins could connect.

Any ideas?


Answer : Domain users unable to access share

ok.. its sql not filesharing!

open sql management studio browse to security and add the specific group .... set the usermapping to read /write depending on your needs
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