Question : recognize hard drive size

I just installed a 320 Gig hard drive in my laptop and my system only recognizes the old drive (70 Gig)  size.  Everything works fine (I was so proud at first) but I don't have the size.

     * New Drive --> Western Digital 320 gig
     * Old Drive --> 70 gig

     * Thinkpad T-60 laptop
     * Windows XP Professional SP3

The process I used was as follows.
     * Backed up the old drive with Acronis ver 10  and used the same to restore the new one.
     * Ran Check Disk
     * Installed the latest BIOS for the laptop from Lenovo

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer : recognize hard drive size

Is it just your C:\ drive that is listed as 70 gigs?  It may just have backed up and restored your partition, and left the rest of the drive unallocated.  Try going into disk management (start -> run -> diskmgmt.msc) and seeing if you have about 250 gig of "Unallocated space" - you can make a new partition there to make use of the rest of your space.
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