Question : Forgot how to do 1 to many SQLs

I used to know how to do this but can’t seem to make it work. I think it’s a one-to-many SQL structure but not sure.
Anyway, I have a law school syllabus that I’ve imported into Access. There’s 5 tables – a table for Topics, Cases from the text, Cases from the internet, class Id’s (a number and date for 24 classes) and Statute Numbers.
I have a final coming up and I’m trying to run a report or query that will show me a single date, then show all the topics for that date, the cases for that date and the statutes.
I keep getting a query table that’s duplicating all the info per date, as there are different numbers of cases and topics, etc., per date of class.

Answer : Forgot how to do 1 to many SQLs

You are not stating the exact "Graphical" Output you are seeking.

My guess is that you want to see a unique list of all used dates and along with each of these dates you want to see the associated Topics, Cases, ...etc

I am not sure that Access can represent the query you are after, but this can easily be done with a Report and two subreports.
The Main Report being the list of unique, used dates
The two subreports being the Cases and Topics tables respectively.
The subreports are linked on the unique date to their corresponding dates.

Here is a sample.
The Report is named: rptDatesCasesTopics
If this is what you wanted, I am sure that you can modify it to fit your needs.


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