Question : Static IP addresses - pros and cons

I want to assign static IP addresses to our users so that I can use groups on the firewall.  Is there any reason not to use static IPs?  What would be the disadvantage?  Is there a best practice for this type of situation?  We are using a Sonicwall appliance.

Answer : Static IP addresses - pros and cons

I get you mean a networking IP address rather than a completely separate internet IP address. The only reason for a static IP for the web is to run a web server.

When networking, it is a lot easier to have a static IP if you are labelling machines, i.e. printers and computers. It connects quicker as well. Takes longer to set up but if there's a problem then you can find the computer by the IP address on the network.

So overall:

- Easier to find computers
- Quicker connection
- Each machine is unique
- Easier to set up firewall settings
- Can create workgroups etc.
- Easier to maintain
- Less to go wrong
- Easier to diagnose and use network settings

- Longer to set up
- Possible interference if you don't set up correctly and document the addresses used

So I would make them static, and document properly. Hope this helps.
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