Question : Excel macro to organize data


I am working on a spreadsheet that has columns: First name :last name: spouse: address: phone: kids names: 2001 donation: 2002 Donation : 2003 donation....
and a list of names under it with the data filled out( some rows have all the data some have 1 or 2)
What I need to do it put all the data for each row into the last cell. The headers need to go on line with the data associated followed by the info
There are thousands of rows..

I will eventually need to print these out onto a label and put it on index cards

Any help would be really appreciated

Answer : Excel macro to organize data

Yes. Open word, do mailings, start mail merge, labels. Choose your label type and click ok. Click select recipients, use existing list. Navigate to your excel file. If it has more than one sheet, you will need to choose the one to get data from. You can click edit recipients to sort/filter your data. Then, to set up your label, click insert merge field for each column to use. You can put text between the merge fields, you can format them (font/color/anything). Click update labels to copy your merge fields, text, and formatting to all the labels. You will see "next record" at the beginning of each subsequent label. This will not print - it is showing you that the next label will use the next row of data from excel. When you are ready, click finish and merge, edit individual documents. Here you can preview your labels before printing them. If you want to make any changes, exit the finished labels and you still have your "unmerged" document to play around with.
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