Question : Hyper V with Dell Equallogic SAN out of space on VM because of snapshots

I am not very technical so please be patient :)

I created a Volume on the SAN - 40GB. I then attached the volume to a Win 2008 with Hyper V Server using the ISCSI initiator.  Now the Drive is the M:\  on Server 1.  I created VM1 with XP for a Remote user and its been running fine.  I created some snapshots (through Hyper V Manager) thinking they were backups but after reading found out they are not.  
I am now out of Disk Space on M:.  I found this out because the machine state displayed Paused:Critical.  I then proceeded to delete the Snapshot to hopefully free up space.  

When I did that I got "Merge in process" and that took some time and did say completed successfully. The Machine's state is now OFF.
However, the 4 AVHD files are still listed in one subfolder of SNAPSHOTS for that VM.
In Hyper V if I watch the Machine State for the VM every now and then it says "merge in process" then goes away.  There is no progress indicator.  I still only have 800k free on drive M:
What is going on? How do I know if it actually doing anything since I did it yesterday and all 4 AVHD files are still there?

Another Question:
Using the DELL San and Hyper V. How do move one VM from one Hyper V Server to my other Hyper V Server? (both are Windows 2008 Enterprise SP 2 - Dell R610 64bit machines)

Answer : Hyper V with Dell Equallogic SAN out of space on VM because of snapshots

Well Access is not intended to be a client-server db but you might be able to configure a DSN that allows remote access. You should then be able to connect from Java
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