Question : Unzip files in a nested directory.

I need code to decompress, i.e., unzip files in a directory with nested files some of which are zipped .zip, .z, .tgz, etc.  

My code allows the user to browse to a parent directory.  In that directory some of daughter directories, but not all, will have files that are zipped.  I need to search all the daughter directories for the compressed files and decompress them.  Before proceeding with rest of my code.

Answer : Unzip files in a nested directory.

if you've already installed 7-zip, then your VB6 program could use command line parameters with the 7z.exe program to decompress each file.  Once decompressed, your program could read the file into memory and then delete the decompressed file.

Generally, you would use a shell-and-wait-for-completion process.

It is possible to do this with a batch file that indicates the decompression process has finished.  Your VB6 program can go into a sleep loop until the batch file has finished.
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