Question : Sorting data from pivot grand totals

Question 1 -

In the spreadsheet attached I have pivot tables out of the raw data . I have grandtotals made of the pivot's . Now I want to sort the data based on the grand total . I want data on " Cause code " spreadsheet to be sorted as per the Grand total ( in decending or acending order ) .
Hope I don't have to copy/paste this to a different sheet and then sort this out ...

Question 2 -

This is basically customer satisfaction data . In the same spreadsheet ( Cause Code ) . One pivot table has the customer satisfaction rating ( for 6 months ) & another pivot has count of surveys ( for 6 months ) . What is the best way for me to find the high impacting or rather high focus area for me . Ex - highest surveys with least score would obviously be my high focus area .. something like this
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Answer : Sorting data from pivot grand totals


select rownum=row_number() over (order by somefield), *
select * from tbl
) SQ

replace "somefield" with an actual field
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