Question : outlook rules

If I have 2 rules in outlook one to move mail coming through a particular account to a separate pst file folder and then another rule to move mail from a particular address sending through the same account to a sub-folder in the same pst file then I get 2 copies of the mail, one in the root of the account folder and 1 in the sub-folder.

[email protected]m -> separate pst file
[email protected].com -> sub-folder in separate pst file

Moving the account rule to first in the list didn't change anything. Is there anyway to configure this, can exclusion parameters be included?

Answer : outlook rules

First of all, there is no inherent numbering of rows in MySQL, so selecting "odd" or "even" rows is not possible unless you have a field that numbers them.

If you have such a field, say RowNumber, then use

SELECT * FROM Table WHERE MOD(RowNumber) = 0   for the even rows, or
SELECT * FROM Table WHERE MOD(RowNumber) <> 0   for the odd rows.
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