Question : Imail Mail Server blocked. Cant see why

We have a mail server using Imail
setup as No Relay
Setup with SMTP Authentication
We are sending on port 2225

We have users from all over the world

Sometimes we se that we get black listed on

I have searched our IP: 87.11617.66 on and that confirms it

Its always only this place we are blacklisted and it does affect some of our users

I read on their page and they adviced to check the smtp log file for failed delivery using

The only failed delivery I can find is this:

05:20 14:27 SMTPD(f74f019b000017a7) [] connect port 1750
05:20 14:27 SMTPD(f74f019b000017a7) [] EHLO
05:20 14:27 SMTP-(f74f019b000017a7) processing D:\IMail\spool\Qf74f019b000017a7.SMD
05:20 14:27 SMTPD(f74f019b000017a7) [] MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
05:20 14:27 SMTPD(f74f019b000017a7) [] RCPT TO:<[email protected]>
05:20 14:27 SMTPD(f74f019b000017a7) [] D:\IMail\spool\Df74f019b000017a7.SMD 2484
05:20 14:27 SMTPD(f74f019b000017a7) performing antispam checks
05:20 14:27 SMTP-(f74f019b000017a7) ERR not local peter from <[email protected]>
05:20 14:27 SMTP-(f74f019b000017a7) Creating message from Postmaster
05:20 14:27 SMTP-(f74f019b000017a7) Delivery process now using new file: f74f00000968ffa3
05:20 14:27 SMTP-(f74f019b000017a7) finished D:\IMail\spool\Qf74f019b000017a7.SMD status=2

05:20 14:27 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) processing D:\IMail\spool\Qf74f00000968ffa3.GSE
05:20 14:27 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) Trying (0)
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) Connect [] (1)
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) 220 ESMTP YSmtp service ready
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) >EHLO
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3)
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) 250-8BITMIME
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) 250-SIZE 31981568
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) 250 PIPELINING
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) >MAIL FROM:<>
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) 250 null sender <> ok
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) >RCPT To:<[email protected]>
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) 553 VS10-RT Possible forgery or deactivated due to abuse (#5.1.1) [email protected]
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) >QUIT
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) 221
05:20 14:28 SMTP-(f74f00000968ffa3) finished D:\IMail\spool\Qf74f00000968ffa3.GSE status=2

Explainging the status codes:
0 = general unknown failure (Should never be seen)
1 = delivered successfully
2 = failed delivery and returned to sender with error
3 = failed to deliver on this attempt; queued for later delivery

There are no other status code 0 or 3

Can anyone see out from this part of logfile what happens?

Its seem to be a Yahoo address sending to a not valid mail address but a domain on our server (

I need some help to find out why we get blacklisted by this place.
They say it takes 4 week to be removed so its not a good thing.

I can not se how we can configure our server better as we are using "no relay" and "smtp authentication"

Can anyone give some idears to where it goes wrong?

Answer : Imail Mail Server blocked. Cant see why


It seems you need to find the function that creates and sends the NDR message that obviously goes away despite your rules. It seems odd they're for outgoing mail, though... they should be for incoming, I think. If a server starts a session and wants to send to "[email protected]", and this user (or domain) is not on your server, the session should be terminated with a 550 error message "user unknown".

Sometimes such settings are not named intuitively; you may have to look around a bit, perhaps it's just something that says "Do not send NDR". The error handling will be adjustable, but it may be difficult to find the place to make adjustments...

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