Question : Out of grace periods on Novell

Hi, I have a nurse trying to log on to Novell and when she does she gets the red N and and then it says "Unable to log you on because your grace periods have run out"
I, being an admin, realized she is NOT locked out and NOT out of grace periods.
I disabled the grace periods --- still not working
I deleted account and recreated -- still not working

Any ideas?

Answer : Out of grace periods on Novell

I just had another thought. A few years ago I had a couple of workstations that kept getting intruder lockouts throughout the day. I found that the problem was CIFS and/or NFS on the Netware server. I have no Macs or Linux workstations accessing the server, and all Windows workstations use the Novell Client to connect, so no need for those protocols.

I disabled those protocols in the autoexec.ncf script on the server, rebooted, and the problem went away. I understand that there is a registry hack you can do on the client side to only force the client to only access the server using native protocols, but I think managing it on the server side was easier.
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