Question : Outlook 2010 views and send/receive 2 questions

1. I just installed Outlook 2010 on a new WIN7/64 machine. I don't want the program to automatically send/receive and I've tried every send/receive setting I can find to stop it, all to no avail. 1. Options->Advanced->Send and Receive UNCHECKED "send immediately when connected." Then Send/Receive Groups->All Accounts UNCHECKED the two automatic send/receive "schedule" boxes. Finally in send\receive ribbon under send/receive groups I checked "Disable scheduled send receive." Nothing works. Any solutions, please?

2. I want different views for mail, calender, contacts, but when I make changes in one those changes are applied to the others. I can't make mail's view stick for just mail, calender for calender and so forth. I've tried many different combinations in  "change view" and "view settings," but I can get the individual views to sticks. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer : Outlook 2010 views and send/receive 2 questions

I'd close this question and open a separate one for that one. :) Technically, it's supposed to be only one question per entry. I or someone else on the forum can help you dig into the other question.
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