Question : Windows 2008 Domain Controller Unavailable (but working)

I hava added a Win2008 Srv as a DC, i had just a Win2003 as DC ultil last night.

DCPromo process finished ok, replicaton works, dns works, all it's working well.

But, when i open mmc AD Users & Comps, i have the following behavior:

1. by default it connects to win2003 DC (i'm opening mmc on Win2008 DC server).
2. if i select to change domain controller, window shows win2008 status as unavailable, but i'm able to connect to it.
3. Connecting to it, all works well..... i was able to change some FSMO roles to Win2008 DC, and this morning was not any problem with users.

I have a clean Event viewer related to Directory services, FRS, DNS....

My only concern is if i should take some kind of action about this status. It's important to me having a support on this issue because my client could ask me about it. I attach image.

Win2008 DC is Standard Edition SP2  (not R2) with latest updates (until yesterday)
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Answer : Windows 2008 Domain Controller Unavailable (but working)

Hmm. I think you are on the right  track. I would try and DCpromo the 2008 box. It might kick up some errors. Then try and resolve any errors on the 2003 box. Then start going through the step by step that was posted earlier to add a 2008 DC to a 2003 Forest.

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