Question : How to stablish a proper setup in MS Outlook 2003 encrypting mails

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at the moment we have MS Outlook 2003 as the email client in our computers. We are insterested in implementing a solution for certifying the emails with tools like for example PGP, as far as possible free tools. To be honest with all of you i dont know in details the process for going ahead with it. What i know is next, we are going to need a public and private key per user and email account with the purpose of being able of encrypting the emails. My doubt is which  plugging would you advice to use for MS Outlook 2003 with which we could work for that purpose and as far as possible considering free pluggins. At the same time, would you know the process of acquiring the public and private keys? or is it something to be done by ourselves stablishing simply two keys?


Answer : How to stablish a proper setup in MS Outlook 2003 encrypting mails

Hi, will that be internally for the same domain? In that case you can build a Microsoft CA server (just add the certification authority role on a windows server OS), deploy the CA root to the AD, and then start issuing persoanl certificates to sign and encrypt messages. Once those certs are installed on your clients, you can easily enable outlook2003 to sign or encrypt messages from the compose window, or changing it to default sign or encrypt every new email in the general options.

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