Question : I/O error reported on file system /oracle/P1U  aix hdisk path vio

I got a ticket stating that there is an i/o error reported on a filesystem.
my colleague worked on the ticket and solved it and below is an abstract of his work but no details or steps as to how it was done.

"it looks hard disk hdisk15 lost one path from VIO server and i see the file system has problem because of that .
when i tried to run the rman backup, i got the error
File Name: /oracle/P1U/orach/oflash/P1U/arvelog/2010_10/o1_m_rcb_.arc
  RMAN-07517: Reason: The file header is corrupted
need to stop this process in order to fix the filesystem,  utuhudr895:/root # ps -ef |grep -i 827900
  orap1u  827900       1   0   May 26      -  2:07 ora_rvwr_P1U"

i need someone to help me understand the problem and how to solve it. the complete step by step please.

thank you

Answer : I/O error reported on file system /oracle/P1U  aix hdisk path vio

The initial error was probably reported to root mail and/or the console, and reviewed using errpt. You look at "errpt -a xxxxxxx' the error, to see a detailed explanation of it before starting, giving you the initial info.

It appears the filesystem had a hard error (The file header is corrupted). The cause of which is not clear from the info provided. In any case, you typcially have to unmount the filesystem to get write access to fix it. Before you can unmount it you would check to see if anything is using it with "fuser /filesystemname". If anything (pid) is returned you must first stop or kill those processes to free the filesystem, so it can be unmounted. FIRST, you must make sure it is safe to stop/kill those processes based upon your application. Once they are stopped, then "umount /filesystemname" and run "fsck /filesystemname" to repair it. Carefully record what fsck reports it does to fix the filesystem, as it may delete items you need to put back. Once fixed, then you do "mount /filesystemname", put back anything you need to, and you are finished.
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