Question : Deleted Active Directory Administrator account

So i almost deleted the administrator account.  i was removing exchange from the AD server, when i was prompted to remove the mailboxes from exchange, i deleted them (forgeting that it removes the users from AD).  i got an error when it tried to remove the administrator and just disabled it and went through with the uninstall of exchange.  Right now i have 2 services (removable storage and volume shadow copy) that are hung up (stopping).  Before i reboot the server, is there anything i should check to make sure i haven't screwed up anything else or anything with the administrator account?  I reallize it isn't a straght forward question, but any suggestions would be appreciated.


Answer : Deleted Active Directory Administrator account

You could run dcdiag and look in the logs before you reboot it to see if there are any other issues.  Do you have other DCs in your domain that are ok right now (just to be safe)


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