Question : Sharepoint 2010 and default IIS

Just set up Sharepoint 2010 on my server running Standard 2008. This server also running Exchange 2010, purely for cost purposes under our small business.

Seems that when I finish going through the Sharepoint configuration it creates a new website under IIS7 for its web portal using port 80 (fair enough as it is a web server also). But it creates a whole new site and stops the standard default website from working which is used for running exchange virtual directories etc.

If I disable the sharepoint:80 I can enable the default web:80 and vice versa. Seems like it's either one or the other.

Any body seen this or knows how to bind the two together? I had the same set up using Sharepoint 3.0 with exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008 enterprise and I am pretty sure it included sharepoint:80 within the default web site so the two could work together. This was running great but seems with 2010 sharepoint it makes a different site and steals port 80 away from the default website.

Found a couple of posts about people having problems running 2007 exchange with sharepoint 3.0, i had no problems at all setting that up so I haven't encountered it before.


Answer : Sharepoint 2010 and default IIS


You are correct in that you cannot have to site bindings with (*) on port 80 running at the same time. This is what binding host headers are used for. Essentially you create DNS records and "bind" then to port 80 and the dns name.

site1 with host header on port 80
site2 with host header on port 80.

each site will not use (*) on port 80 anymore.

Now to combine them, I have not played with SP2010, but with SP2007 And WSS 3.0 all you need to do was remap the Virtual directories under the other WebSite that Exchange is on. I did this manually with 2007 and had no issues.

If you have problems, I'll grab a release from MSDN and test it up.

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