Question : Update RevTex in TexLive and Kile - Fedora 13


I've just installed TexLive (and Kile as the frontend) using yum. TexLive comes prepackaged with RevTex4. However, I would like to update this to RevTex4.1.

I have so far downloaded the RevTex4.1 (.zip) and installed it as per the instructions. Looking through the TexLive directories, RevTex seems to have been correctly updated.

However, Kile is still complaining that the "file 'revtex4-1.cls' not found" whenever I try to compile a document starting with:


Any ideas?

Thanks very much!

Answer : Update RevTex in TexLive and Kile - Fedora 13

Perhaps it is not in the directory where Kile expects it to be.
Try an strace -eopen -f of your Kile command line
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