Question : Windows Server 2008 NLB Issue


I am trying to setup three servers in NLB.  Here are the details of the servers:

All three servers have Windows Server 2008 installed.
Two of the servers are virtual machines (VMWare) on the same subnet.
The third server is a physical server, has a teamed NIC config and is on a different subnet.
All three servers are SharePoint Web Front End servers.

I have a cluster IP and host setup for these to connect to.  The two virtual servers connect and show up just fine in the NLB manager.  I am able to add the third physical server to the cluster in NLB but it shows up by itself in NLB manager on any of the servers.  I have tested bringing down the two virtual servers and seeing if the SharePoint sites are still up and they are not.  I have tested NLB between the two virtual machines and it works as it should.  

Any suggestions?

Answer : Windows Server 2008 NLB Issue

I am pretty sure you would need to put the physical server on the same IP subnet in order to use NLB. Can you not configure the switch ports for the physical server NIC team to be on the same VLAN as the vSwitch/portgroup used by the two VMs. NLB will not work if the hosts are not on the same IP subnet.
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