Question : Oracle forms and reports in Oracle 10g

After days of searching online and on the Oracle website I am getting rather frustrated with the lack of information available on how to setup forms and reports in Oracle 10g for a beginner user.

It would seem that half the links to the zip files on Oracle's site for Application Builder 4 on Win, do not work.

Do you have any ideas on how I can setup forms and reports on Oracle 10g? I have installed Oracle 10g on Win XP fine, just need to get forms and reports working, but no links I have found allow me to download the form / report builder.

Thank you all in advance.

Answer : Oracle forms and reports in Oracle 10g

Getclicky can probably provide you with enough data, especially using the API and it is pretty affordable.

If you need to track activity on the page then Clicktale, but that is a little more pricey.

An alternative to Clicky is Woopra but it is much easier to set things up with Clicky (at least in my experience).

A lot depends on if you need to somehow use the data live to modify the site, as if you are using cookies, it can all be included in your server logs.
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