Question : Printers Having issue From EXCEL

My client says he is having an issue printing to a specific printer from only EXCEL. He says any program will print to the printer almost immediately, except for EXCEL. He says the job will take a minute, up to 5 minutes to print.

I had him change the drivers on the printer (we tried 4 different ones) apparently the issue still exists.

Last thing I had him do was add the printer locally to the machine via IP as opposed to connecting to the printer through the server. I do not yet know the outcome.

Any other recommendations? Seems like a WEIRD issue.

Printer(s) are HP Laserjets.

Answer : Printers Having issue From EXCEL

Try this .

1.update Office patches via windows update or office update
2.  try different drive, especially between PCL 5 and PCL 6.
3.  Check the print processor on the print driver, and try out different data type (i.e. RAW)
4.  Print direct and disable the print spool.
5. Last, if all else fails, reinstall Excel and see if the situation will improve.

Hope this helps.
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