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my home needs more then one WAP.   so i need to add one... and woul dlike to discuss the staetegy employed.

i have been told to make the name   and password the same as the primary wireless net work, and that by doing this, the laptop will pass off one to the other. with no interuption.  one tech says to make the channels different.. another says just set the router to auto... any thoughts on that...

also they say the laptop will pick up the strongest point automatically... any comments on that....

generally how whoul dthis be configured to work best.//?

any comments appreciated.

Answer : WAP   to   WAP

If there are only 1 or 2 people using the network, put them on the same channel. They'll take turns, no problem... unless everyone is pulling heavy downloads at the same time you should not notice the difference.

I would check for competing networks nearby, using netstumbler or inSSIDer ( ) and use a non-overlapping empty channel (e.g. 1, 6 or 11).
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